Website Management

The service that started it all.  Do you have a website, or are you looking to start one?  Do you need help with figuring out what is next?  I can help!


The Process


The process starts with an evaluation of your current situation.  I will meet with you either in person or over the phone, we will review what your current website is, if applicable, and what your goals are.  We will determine what kind of web site you will need.

After the initial review we will gather assets (text, images, videos, etc).  If necessary, I can recommend a photographer or videographer to create assets for you.  I also work with someone who can provide a copywriter if necessary.  This is also the stage where we will review anything specific to your brand.  This will also meaning defining what social media accounts you have.

Next, we will install and setup your web hosting software on the host of your choice.  I have recommendations, but I can work with pretty much any host you need.  There will be choices on what kind of hosting you will need or want, if you are a basic user most likely shared hosting is going to be fine, if you have more than one domain, or potentially a very busy Content Management System, perhaps a VPS or Virtual Private Server is what will be needed.

Next, we will stage your new website on password protected site, that only you can access.  We will begin building pages on the staged site, the content gathered will be loaded into the pages that built. After all of the pages are built, you will review the content and make any final changes.  After completion of review your site will launch.