Hardware Evaluation

Is your hardware past it’s prime?  Does your network or computer seem too slow?  There is help for you yet!

Hardware can be some of the largest expense in your budget, and it has a life cycle.  This is part of the reason Information Technology can be frustrating. The average life cycle for desktops, laptops and tablets are as follows:

Desktops 3-4 years
Laptops 2-3 years
Tablets 2-3 years

As found on Retra.co.uk a trade assocation based in the UK

That means, your fleet of computers and tablets will need (on average of course) to be refreshed of every 2-4 years.  In reality I’ve seen 5-6 years on desktops and 3-5 on laptops.  Laptops tend to have more wear on them because of their portability.

In an enterprise environment, you will also need to consider switches and phone hardware as well.  The life expectancy will vary based on manufacturer, but a good switch could last 5+ years.  There are some manufacturers, like HP, that offer lifetime replacement warranty on their switches.  This doesn’t future proof though, as new technologies come out old switches may not be able to handle the demand.

If you need help evaluating a hardware purchase or refresh I’d be happy to help!