Since 1999, I have been offering Information Technology Services that include web development, graphic design, large and small IT Project management, and help desk management.

Web Strategy

Do you have a web strategy? If you have a web site, or social media account(s) just because everyone has one. Perhaps that is not the right way to approach your web presence. I can work with you to develop a well rounded presence online that serves your customers or clients, and your company utilizing the right tools for the job.

“Running a project without a work breakdown structure is like going to a strange land without a road map.” – J. Phillips

Frequently Asked Questions

IT Project Management is the process of planning, organizing a set of tasks, and/or purchases for the completion of a specific goal utilizing technology to succeed.

Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. The software itself is free, but you might be expected to pay for help installing, setting up, maintaining, or being trained to work on it?

A CMS is a content management system, basically it's a piece of software that allows you to maintain content without necessarily knowing the ins and outs of HTML, PHP, SQL, or CSS.