I am a native of Connecticut, and have been in the IT industry since 1999. I started in the Web Development field working with small businesses. I assisted in gathering information and logos as well as assisting in the development of Web sites for local businesses in the greater Danbury area. Within a couple of years I took on some Web development work focusing on internal Web application development for Intranet use and maintaining Web sites for a select group of clients.

in 2002, John began training personal and corporate users in a myriad of application suites and operating systems.

I have been supporting a 400 user base for a private school since 2005, I have helped the IT department in the areas of Help Desk support services, end user training, and Web site support, and currently serve as the school’s Director of Information Technology. One of my specialties is making end users feel comfortable with the software that they need to use.


Below are some of the highlights of my career.

  • 1999

    Website Development Assistant

    Assisted with gathering data, and basic web development.

  • 2001

    Real Estate

    In 2001 I worked with a Real Estate office and automated their billing practices, as well as redesigned their website and trained their end users in Office and QuickBooks.

  • 2001

    Corporate Training Presentation Production

    Consulted for and produced presentations for a company that provided Fortune 500 companies with corporate training.

  • 2002

    Video Production Company

    I consulted for Undiscovered Productions. A company that provided media services and produced multiple television pilots for regional travel.

  • 2005


    Starting in 2005, I began work with the Education community supporting, students, faculty and staff.

  • Advice

    I bring to the table a balanced approach to Information Technology and Web Development.

  • Reduce Cost

    I utilize open source technology when applicable to reduce the cost of any project.

  • Secure Your Data

    I will work with you to store your data in the most secure way possible.